The Latari Elves are the last of the Elven tribes, the rest having been wiped out, mostly by the demons of Ynfernael and Daewyl or “Twice Fallen” Elves (now calling themselves the Deep Elves)  in the War of the Shadow Tear. They live to the southwest of the Free Cities and in the Aymhelin forests and highlands.

First DarknessEdit

From the Aymhelin marched a force of Latari Elves led by King Triamlavar. They pledged to fight alongside the Penacor forces, and so began a great tradition of alliance between Humans and Elves against Ynfernael demons and Uthuk forces. They force-marched through mountain passes and fell upon the rear of Llovar’s forces in a devastating surprise attack. The Humans and Elves threw the Uthuk into disarray and forced Llovar to retreat.

Third DarknessEdit

The dragons burned the Lithelin gate and laid siege to the silver palace of Caelcira. Once again, Dwarves, Elves, and Humans began to coordinate a defense against the darkness. The elven archers shot at the attackers’ small groups from hidden positions that were hard for the dragons to locate and burn. Even with the protection granted by the runebound shards, the dragons suffered heavy losses, and when they fell, the Elves were quick to capture the runes and work out how to use them. Caelcira, the silver palace, remained unbowed. The dragons inflicted terrible suffering on the Elves, but they took heavy losses in return and never overran the Aymhelin.

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