A surge is an icon found on dice , modifier dials, and cards.

Ability's SurgeEdit

Rwm01 surge dice symbol
If a unit’s ability is preceded by one or more surge icons, it must spend one surge for each of that ability’s surge icons to resolve that ability.

Abilities preceded by a surge icon are associated with either a {Melee Attack} or {Ranged Attack} icon. To use such an ability, a unit must spend the appropriate number of surges while performing the corresponding attack action.

  • A unit must spend one surge for each surge icon that precedes an ability to resolve it.
  • An ability can be resolved multiple times if the unit has the surges to spend.

Surge abilities with a “+” following the surge icon, can have a variable number of surges spent on an individual activation. The ability specifies how the number of surges spent alters the effect.

  • These can be resolved multiple times. Each time the ability is resolved, the player chooses the number of surges to spend.

Unique Surge Edit

Unique surge
A surge ability is unique if it uses the unique surge icon.

A player can spend surges to resolve a unique surge ability only once per attack.

If a unique surge icon is followed by a “+”, the player can spend any number of surges but can still spend surges to resolve the ability only once per attack.


Surge effects are effects that can be resolved during the “Spend Surge” step of an attack.