Rwm01 ranged icon
Ranged attack is an action. To perform a ranged attack action, a unit attacks an enemy unit that is inside the attacker’s firing arc, at range 1–5, and in the attacker’s line of sight. 
  • When performing a ranged attack action, a unit can use any of its attack profiles that are preceded by the ranged attack icon. 
  • A unit cannot perform a ranged attack if it is engaged
  • After an attacker performs a ranged attack against an enemy that is engaged with one or more of the attacker’s allied units, each of those allied units suffers a severity-one morale test.


The Reanimate Archers reveal a ranged attack action, then uses the range ruler to determine line of sight to enemies.

  1. The Reanimate Archers do not have line of sight to Kari Wraithstalker because she is not inside the firing arc.
  2. The Oathsworn Cavalry are out of range of the Reanimate Archers.
  3. The Reanimate Archers do not have line of sight to the Rune Golem because no line can be traced to that unit that does not pass through an obstacle.
  4. The Reanimate Archers have line of sight to the Spearmen unit, and that unit is in range. This is the only unit that is an eligible target for this attack.