Objectives Overview Edit



Objective cards provide a way for players to score additional points during the game.
  • Players choose one objective card during the Choose Deployment and Objective step of setup.
  • Each objective card has a name, a point value, and one or mmore sets of instructions, as follows:
    • Setup: Players resolve Setup instructions during the Resolve Objective step of setup.
    • During Play: Players resolve During Play instructions by following the instructions on the cards.
    • End of Game: Players resolve End of Game instructions after the final game round, before determining scores.
  • Objectivecardback

    Card back

    When an objective card instructs a player to score an objective token, he takes the indicated objective token and places it in front of him.
    • If the instructions do not indicate a specific objective token, one is taken from the supply.
  • At the end of the game, for each objective token a player has, he gains a number of points equal to the point value shown on the upper-right corner of the objective card.


  • What happens if there is no legal placement option for an objective token?
    If players need to place objective tokens but cannot satisfy all conditions, satisfy those conditions to the extent that is possible. For example, if an objective requires four tokens be placed but there is no legal placement option for the fourth token, that token is not placed.

Objective Cards Edit

List of Objective Cards.

Tournaments Edit

All Formal and Premier tournaments must use pre-determined objectives unless otherwise specified in the tournament’s Event Outline. The organizer chooses randomly from the available objective cards that have yet to be used that event and everyone uses that objective. These have been the ones chosen so far:

Season One (starting July 19th, 2017): Bounty, Break Their Defenses, and Supply Raid

Season Two (starting in October, 2017): Bounty, Supply Raid, and Demoralize Their Forces.

Season Three (starting in January 1st, 2018): Bounty, Supply Raid, and Demoralize Their Forces.

Season Four (starting in April, 2018): Supply Raid, Demoralize Their Forces, and Confluence of Magic.

Season Five (starting in July 23, 2018): Demoralize Their Forces, Confluence of Magic, and Volatile Runes.

Season Six (starting in October, 2018): Confluence of Magic, Volatile Runes and Seize the Artifacts.