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Card Info Edit


{Melee Attack} {Surge}+ Choose another enemy unit at range 1-5. That enemy suffers 2 damage per {Surge} spent.

Brutal 1 

Precise 1

Ranged Melee Defense Wound Type
White, Blue White, Blue 3 4 Infantry


Kari’s surge ability does not require line of sight.

Available From Edit

Lore Edit

"Looking for Kari, Marshal? Well, you'll either want to head into the mist - hah! - or wait until she returns at dusk. The woman has no shred of fear, I'll swear to you, but even she has the sense not to pursue her dangerous prey at night when they are strongest. Yes, of course I mean the undead. Skeletons, spirits, you name it - she seems to have a knack for hunting and destroying them. If it ought to be dead, but isn't, you can bet she's found a way to remedy the error. The fiery hand of Kellos himself protects her, they say. Some say her own hands burn with his fire when she strikes down the foul undead. You've a few hours yet until dusk, Marshal. I recommend you wait at the inn yonder; she'll usually stop there for supper before going home, after a day of hunting. It's a better chance than tromping off into the mists to get yourself stuck in a bog. 'Course, then Kari might happen by to pull you out, so try your luck if you like! Hah!"

-Old woman doing laundry, when asked by a Marshal of the Citadel about the whereabouts of Kari Wraithstalker.