Deployment Overview Edit


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Deployment cards are chosen during setup and determine both where players can place their armies during the Deploy Units step of setup and how much terrain is placed during the Place Terrain step of setup.
  • The player who chose the deployment card selects which color of deployment areas he will use for the game, and his opponent uses the deployment areas of the other color.
  • The deployment card indicates the amount of defensive terrain and dangerous terrain that is used for the game.

Deployment Cards Edit

List of Deployment Cards

Tournaments Edit

All Formal and Premier tournaments must use pre-determined deployments unless otherwise specified in the tournament’s Event Outline. The organizer chooses randomly from the available deployment cards that have yet to be used that event and everyone uses that deployment. These have been the ones chosen so far:

Season One (starting July 19th, 2017): Battle Lines, Careful Approach, and Hammer and Anvil

Season Two (starting in October, 2017): Careful Approach, Hammer and Anvil, and Standoff

Season Three (starting in January 1st, 2018): Careful Approach, Hammer and Anvil,and Standoff

Season Four (starting in April, 2018): Careful Approach, Standoff, and Unprepared

Season Five (starting July 23rd, 2018): Standoff, Unprepared, and Meeting Engagement

Season Six (starting in October, 2018): Unprepared, Meeting Engagement, and Maelstrom

Terrain types by deploymentEdit

Card Defensive Dangerous
Battle Lines 0 3
Careful Approach 0 3
Column Ambush 1 1
Defended Pass 0 1
Forward Scouts 1 1
Hammer and Anvil 2 1
Head-to-Head 1 2
Long Canyon 2 0
Maelstrom 0 2
Meeting Engagement 1 1
Mutual Reinforcements 1 1
Oblique Formation 1 1
Overextended 0 2
Pincer Strike 3 0
Standoff 3 0
Unprepared 2 1
Vanguard Clash 1 2