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Card Info Edit

{Ranged Attack} {Surge Unique}x2: After this attack, perform a speed-1 {Shift}. This {Shift} cannot be used to disengage. 


Ranged Melee Defense Wound Type
2*Blue Blue 1 1 Infantry

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Lore Edit

Even the Harazan Skirmishers of Al-Kalim and the Sagittarii of Lorimor cannot match the skill of the Deepwood Archers. No other race can spend the time the Latari Elves dedicate to honing their craft, making these warriors the undisputed masters of bow. The careful study of the Deepwood Greatbow is more than just a discipline: it is a way of life. Once committed to the Path of the Arrow, these archers train until their bow is an extension of their hand and their arrow is an extension of their eye, Centuries may seem to pass as swiftly as the season, but the Latari archers feel that no amount of time will be enough to completely master their craft.

Latari archers must develop incredible strength and skill to use the Deepwood Greatbow, a weapon of legend to the younger races. Made from the fallen boughs of Deepwood - some of the strongest and ancient trees in the Aymhelin - these greatbows can withstand draw weights of over a hundred and fifty pounds. The shots from these weapons are so strong that a single shaft can pierce through the flesh and bone of multiple targets. While common timber would snap from such tension, only giants, fiends and dragons are known to be able to break the limbs of a Deepwood Greatbow. Bows from the time before Malcorne's treachery are still being wielded by the descendants of the greatest Elven archers.

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