Units perform actions during the Activation Phase to move, attack, remove banes, or resolve abilities. A unit’s actions are shown on its action dial.

  • Each icon on the action dial consists of an initiative value, a stance, and an action.
  • During the Command Phase, each player selects an action on each of his unit’s command tools. The action that is positioned at the top of the action dial is the selected action.
  • Units perform actions during the Activation Phase. Each icon represents a different action.
  • During the Activation Phase, each unit must perform its selected action if it is able to do so.

Bonus ActionsEdit

A bonus action is a modifier that appears on some modifier dials. Bonus actions use the same icons as actions.

  • After a unit performs its selected action, that unit performs its selected bonus action.
  • A unit can perform its bonus action even if its first action was canceled.


Actions and modifiers can be canceled.

  • If an action or modifier is canceled, a unit cannot perform that action or resolve that modifier. A game effect cannot be resolved if it is triggered from an action or modifier that is canceled.
  • A modifier is not canceled when the action is canceled. However, movement modifiers and the enhance modifiers have no effect if their corresponding action is not performed.

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