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• 12/24/2017

Add page to menu

How to add (or suggest) new page to the main menu?

I want his:
add to UNITS menu (after finished).
Compare units
Compare units Runewars Wiki
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• 7/26/2017

Card text templating

We need to standardize templating. TitanTyrant has recently gone through and changed many of the pages to a new style without any discussion from the community. The original style was that any symbols from card text are represented in brackets (e.g. [unstable energy]) to keep parity with the card text as written. The recent changes include removing those brackets and making the words bold and italicized. I don't think this is the way to go because there may be actual words in the text in the future that are in both bold and italics. Using brackets to denote symbols is the most straightforward way of showing which words were symbols in the text. I vote we change the style back to brackets, but I'm not just going to start changing things and end up in an edit war. We need consensus on this topic before moving forward.
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• 2/1/2017

Color Scheme

Thanks for starting this up. Please consider changing the color scheme a bit Blue text on a grey background will be unreadable by some colorblind users (about 11% of internet readers)
Color Scheme Designer 3 ( helps you visualize what others see.
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